Book as much as you can in advance

You are likely to save about 20% of your holiday costs by simply booking your golf course fees, accommodation and flight tickets in advance. That’s a huge saving in terms of holiday costs. With a little bit of planning and forethought, your holiday could cost a lot less than you anticipated. If you find that costs are not as low as you’d like, simply ask for a lower rate and use your early booking as motivation to get it.


Anticipate your holiday ahead of time

The most logical way to plan a decent golf getaway without feeling a pinch is by planning it a few months in advance. By breaking up the total amount into smaller divisions, you can leave with a decent amount that doesn’t affect your overall budget that much. So you may be tempted to leave for your holiday right away. But the wisest thing you can do is to anticipate it in advance and plan a decent, stress-free holiday where money is not the main concern of the trip.

Arrive at your destination as prepared as possible

Many golfers arrive at their pre-booked golf game only to find that they are unprepared for the course. This can happen in several ways:

  • They are not dressed according to the dress code put forth by the golf course. As a result, the players are sent away or forced to buy clothes on the golf course so as not to forfeit their booking fee.

  • A particular club is needed during the game. This club was not packed and therefore needs to be purchased at the onsite golf shop.

  • Players forget to bring golf balls and must needlessly buy golf balls at the shop—which often cost way more than they’re worth.

These setbacks can cost you a big chunk of your spending money, so be sure to pack everything you need for your games.

How to find a budget-friendly solution for your golf getaway

There are many golfers who have it in their mind that golf holidays to Europe are too expensive or complicated to arrange. However, this is not the case. You can easily plan a golf getaway on a limited budget—you just need a little bit of guidance. This guide will give you a head start at planning a golf holiday that does not need to break the bank.


Don’t be shy to ask for discounted rates

Because you are booking so much in advance, don’t be afraid to ask for discount. The golf industry in Europe is highly competitive and hotels & golf resorts will fight for your business. If an accommodation facility or golf course manager refuses to give you a discount, politely decline their services and move on to someone else who is willing to accommodate you. You will also find that those facilities who are too arrogant to offer discounts are often the same ones that will not deal with complaints professionally.

Plan your own holiday without the help of a travel agent

It may seem a bit intimidating at first, but there’s nothing wrong with cutting out the middleman and booking your own vacation. You can call the hotels or golf resorts and book your accommodation. You can also organise golf games by booking and paying for the course fees over the phone or over the internet. Booking flights is just as easy, so why not do it yourself? It costs less to make phone calls and book things yourself than it does to pay a travel agent to do the same.


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