4 Secret Methods That Can Help You Improve Your Wedge Play

Improving wedge play includes knowing how to prepare and setup for the shot. There are different elements that play a role in developing a good play, but in some cases you can change one aspect and make a difference that can change the outcome of the shot. Once you have your target selected know which spot behind the ball to setup from. Here are other tips to help you determine the next step for wedge play to get the improvement you want to experience.

  1. Take short full swing while choking down on the ball. A shorter swing increases chances of hitting the ball with precise speed and contact. It gives players more control of the club without a full backswing. Choking down on the ball ensures good contact but also helps players focus on getting clean contact between the club head and the ball. You can practice this movement a few times through golf drills to ensure good setup and approach.
  2. Keep backswing short and position hands around 9:00 when you set back into your backswing. Your backswing will not be complete but it will help you get better tempo when moving forward to hit the ball. At the same time this tests your accuracy and ability to focus while keeping the ball on the target line.
  3. Keep swing speed slow with even tempo. This can be a little challenging but you can practice this through golf drills. Doing a swing with literary half of a backswing while establishing even motion can be difficult. This is a unique skill since it can result in a great shot. If your tempo is not even or smooth this could make the ball move further that its target or it can fall short of reaching it. This also with good stance and weight distribution can result in a great shot.
  4. Achieve distance control with the iron you decide to play with. The iron you choose to take the shot should be something you are comfortable using. This helps when achieving distance control. As you visualize the shot being taken and the ball moving toward its target what are elements you need to do while holding your club to ensure the ball will travel the distance it should? There are a few golf drills to consider that can help with distance control.

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