Essential Tips On How To Carry Out A Long Bunker Shot

Long bunker shots can give any good golfer a run for their money as playing a shot that is around 200 yards away from the green is really testing. A golfer sees sand and then panics as to how to hit the ball with the sand all around. The key for a bunker shot is not to hit the ball but to hit the sand behind it and let the sand direct the ball towards the target. But in a long bunker shot you must refrain from taking too much sand as you need more distance here. Just remember not to swing too hard or you may end up with eyes full of sand. Listed below are some tips on how you can perfect long bunker shots:

Get that perfect grip

Make sure you grip the club firmly on the handle and right down the shaft of the iron so that you can get closer to the bunker. For this shot, you will need to perfect the distance and timing of the shot to get it out of the bunker.

The right position

Get as close to the golf ball as possible so that you can hit it hard and far as these bunker shots require a much loftier aim. Also try not to take too much sand when hitting the wedge so that the ball can go further.

The perfect backswing

Make sure you maintain your normal backswing when hitting long bunker shots so that you can get the ball closer to its target and so that you don’t pick up too much sand.

Don’t leave the ball in sand

Ideally pick a club that you are most comfortable with and can hit the best with, as these shots require precision. You should practice your shots beforehand so that you know how to go about on the bunker and always believe that you can do it. Most people don’t believe they can get the ball out of the sand and thus give up half way. You must think that you will get the ball out of the bunker when taking the shot so that you don’t leave it lying in the sand.

Practice makes perfect

You should practice on bare dirt daily so that you can perfect this shot as there are just a few of these shots throughout the game but they can really make or break a game.

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