7 Tricks That Can Help You Achieve Better Results In Golf

Achieving consistent and precise golf strikes can be frustrating and tricky at the same time. The ability to strike on the ball correctly, sending it to fly through the air to get the desired yardage is what makes a person a professional player.

Here are the 7 tricks to improve your golf game and ball strike:

  1. Emphasis on posture
  2. A proper posture is very important during the strike to launch the ball in the desired direction. Golfers with improper stance during the launch might experience difficulties with hooks, producing slices, chunks and strike.

  3. The chip drills
  4. A professional player should avoid too much wrist movement while taking a chip shot. Too much movement of the wrist will end up in producing scoops.

  5. Weight coordination
  6. Weight shifted in the wrong direction might become a hindrance for a solid ball strike. To achieve the required results, it is very important to balance the weight during downswing. For a right handed player, weight should be transferred backward to the right foot during the backswing. In this way, the weight is shifted in the direction of the ball.

  7. The strike
  8. Imagination is very important, a professional player needs to see what he wants his strike to achieve. Our body is likely to produce what our mind projects. The mind and body of a professional player should be tension free and calm. Trust the gut, feel the swing and strike the ball.

  9. The shank
  10. When the body of a golfer does not rotate during the swing, a shank is produced. The club head swings inside the line of the ball. This will create problems for the player to achieve the accuracy in shots as the club face strikes the ball. Shank is also produced when the golfer holds the club way ahead of the ball during set-up. To avoid the shank, a golfer should assume proper posture; lead the arms through the backswing also the downswing.

  11. Club head speed
  12. Both hands of the golfer should collaborate to form a good club head speed which will result a solid ball strike. Too tight grip on the club will affect the club head speed. Therefore, the grip should be light just like holding a baby’s hand.

  13. Practice
  14. Practice cannot be overemphasized. Always keep practicing to improve golf ball strikes. Consistency in practice will improve your game a lot. There are many golf swing improvement products that a golfer may choose to improve his game.

Practicing all these drills can surely make you a Pro Golfer.

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