Chipping From Tight Lies - A Few Helpful Pointers

A tight lie or a thin lie is the location when the ball sits on very small grass, bare dirt or such similar position where the ball has very little grass beneath.

Ball back

Step into your stance with your right/ dominant foot to set the position of the ball, and then position the left foot. Tight lie comes to the fore due to very short grass or no grass at all. If you see a bare lie on the green, you will have a premium if you hit the ball first. The optimum method to do it is to play the ball back in the stance. The worse the lie is, the farther the ball will go. To ensure the ball goes back, you can position the club head at the back of your ball. Step into the stance and place the right foot at first. In a way, you have to line up the golf ball with the instep. Now, set the left foot and take a narrow stance to complete the grip.

You do not have to change anything from the chipping technique. When you shift your weight, it must be favorable to the front foot and the shaft should lean forward. Now, you can swing your club upwards on the backswing and your aim should be to hit the golf ball first.

As far as the selection of the golf club goes, it is okay to take a chip shot with the lob wedge when you are at the tight lies.

The basics

If you want to be good at playing bunkers, you must understand the movement of the club through the sand. Bottom portion of the sand wedge is sculpted to bounce. It does not dig into the sand when it comes into contact with the sand. Basic concept is to understand this movement only. You must target to hit the ball a few inches from behind it and allow the club head to glide under the ball. Let the clubface open slightly and play the golf ball forward. The club head will automatically bounce when it touches sand. Once you get the hang of it, bunker shots will seem like a cakewalk to you.

Another type of problem

You might hit a fat shot if the ball is on a tight lie. You can imagine that you are balanced on a seesaw. When you take the address, the seesaw would tilt leftwards. It implies that your bodyweight is positioned perfectly. Now you can hit down right on the golf ball. It will give you a clean shot.

You can practice it with an empty plastic bottle under the right foot. Position the ball a little back of the middle. The bottle reminds you that you have to shift your weight on the left leg. When you shift the body weight forward and keep it there while you take a stroke, the position of your swing arc’s bottom is placed correctly behind the ball.

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