Professional Golfer's Advice On How To Hit The Ball Around A Tree

There are certain skills that you will learn each and every day when you get on the course to play. It is important that you remain keen in an effort to perfect the same. Each and everything that you learn on the course during your practice sessions will go a long way in helping you become a better player in the future. Whether you have already charted your path for golf in the future or not, you will definitely be in a good position to benefit from some skill lessons.

One of the lessons that might interest you is how to hit the ball around a tree. It might not occur to you at the moment, but you might find yourself in a situation where you have played your best so far but the ball lands just in front of a tree, which you have to get around.

Just like the confidence challenge that comes when you land a ball in a bunker but you are not ready to handle such a task, the same problem will befall you when dealing with a ball that needs to be struck around a tree.

The following are some important lessons that you can learn, which will go a long way in helping you perform the shot you desire:

  • Ensure you get solid contact

  • Keep your stance open

  • Use long irons

  • Perfect aim

Ensure you get solid contact

The only way you will be able to make this work is by perfecting a solid contact on the ball. Make sure that you choke down on the ball, come as close as reasonably possible to it, then release a 70% swing on it. This will help you deliver the ball right where you want it, around the tree.

Keep your stance open

For perfection with this shot, make sure you keep an open stance. This is particularly if you are looking to slice the ball. If you need a draw, you will have to close your stance. With that considered, ensure your swing is along the line of your stance.

Use long irons

There are no exceptions here, always make sure you use the long irons for this particular style of play.

Perfect aim

You need to allow yourself enough room for error. While at it, start the aim by setting the face of the club where you want the ball to finish.

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