How To Play Golf in Strong Winds: 4 Points To Keep In Mind

When you start playing your game of golf, you may suddenly encounter a strong gust of wind that can throw your whole game off track. However, instead of giving up, you should trying using the wind to your advantage and repositioning your club and your stance to help you get that perfect shot. Many great golf players have braved these winds and come out victorious. We will help you also do the same by providing you the following tips to help you brave these strong winds:

Use a crosswind

Crosswinds are highly powerful winds that can greatly change the course of your game. It can magnify the spin on your shot as well as help you slice and hook the ball to a great extent. You should keep the ball low and curve your shot in the direction of the crosswind.

Knockdown shot

You can always play the Knockdown shot when you have to deal with strong winds. What you need to remember is to keep the ball low and keep your hands ahead of the ball. Maintain this stance both at impact and during the follow through. Also, remember not to swing your golf club at full speed.

Swing with ease

When faced with headwinds, you should try playing the ball towards your right foot and use more of your club. Do not swing the ball too hard so that you can maintain the spin and height of the shot so that it is not vulnerable to the wind.

Strike the ball well

Just use less of the golf club when playing in a tailwind so that your shot will get exaggerated and you should also play it forward to get a good height on the shot. Just remember to strike it well and straight so that the wind cannot swing your shot.

Some more tips

Just remember to be prepared for any sort of weather by practicing frequently. If you keep practicing your shots in strong winds, you will be able to use the wind to your advantage and will be able to get a good elevation on your shot. You will soon be able to master the wind and ride it with ease. Remember to keep your eye on the target when playing such shots and try not to swing the ball beforehand as a strong wind greatly magnifies the swing in any shot.

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