Golf Clubs In Spain: Finding An Affordable Option

Playing golf in Spain is a luxury in itself, whether you are in an exquisite golf course or an average one. Once you come to this beautiful country in Europe, you will never wish to leave the place. The ethnic culture, fantastic night life and the breathtaking scenery of the place is mesmerizing. We have listed few affordable golf destinations in Spain. They will definitely help you choose wisely from the several options of the country.

Valle Del Este

Located in the coastal region of Almeria, you experience a beautiful weather around the year in Valle del Este. The region receives maximum sunshine in the country. Even if you visit this golf course in winter, you can take your polo T-shirts and shorts with you. This is the only desert in Europe, which offers you exciting challenges of sand bunkers to overcome. Prefer to come to this place during winters else, you might find a 38- degree temperature welcoming you. Or, if you plan to come during summer, plan your golf games early in the morning or during twilight.

Islantilla Golf Course

This place is a treat for all budgets and is good for golf during all seasons. Located at the amazing region of Islantilla Golf resort, this course comprises of 27 holes, spread over 3 different courses. Designed across Agrostis Fairways and Pencross greens, Islantilla golf course offers a challengeable game to the golfers. You can also enjoy various water sports like kite surfing and wind surfing.

Alicante Golf

This golf course is located at the San Juan beach. It gives you an option of playing spectacular golf due to its marvelous design and improved maintenance. Designed by Severiano Ballesteros, the 18th green of this Alicante Golf gives the course a dramatic end. Near the 14th hole, you will find the ruins of a villa, from the 1st century AD. It came up during the construction for this course and you have to reach the greens by flying over this villa.

Golf in Sevilla

The Sevilla city offers varied options in golf such as Zaudin Golf, Hato Verde, Real Club de Golf Sevilla, Las Minas, La Pineda and Sanlucar golf courses. All these courses are located in the south of Sevilla. The countryside is one of the best destinations for golf lovers. The city is also a captivating hangout option, where you want to relax after the game.

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