How To Have A Good Stance When Making A Chip Shot

A good Chipping stance is vital to get the ball closest to the pin. It goes without saying that without a good stance, you won’t be able to get the swing right and the resulting stroke will be short and inaccurate. So, what do you need to do to get the chipping stance right? Let’s find out.

  • Begin from the feet. Assume a narrow stance; the gap between the heels should not be more than six inches wide. If you’re comfortable with a still narrower stance (i.e.) less than six inches, you can use the same, but anything higher than six inches will affect downward stroke of the ball.
  • A downward hit is vital for a solid impact with the ball, and that’s only possible with a steeper stroke created using a narrow stance. Chipping shots require less power, so you won’t have to attempt expansive swings and lose balance with a narrow stance.
  • Move your toes away from the target line so that you achieve an open position. A slight open stance will help to achieve a solid contact and makes the ball stay in line.
  • Your hands must be forward of the ball at the time of the setup.
  • Assume an upright body posture, and then slightly bend the knees till the view of your shoe laces is blocked by the legs. At the same time, bend forward and push your butt backwards. You think this’ll put you in an uncomfortable position and affect your swing? You’ll be wrong to think so. A flexed knee and bent hips will give you more balance and help you free the arms to execute a perfect chip shot.
  • Your lower body is perfectly in position for the chip. Now, adjust the shoulders so that it’s square to the target line. Shoulders that are square will help in a straight back swing that’s on the same plain as the target line. Failing to adjust the shoulders will cause the club to go outside the target line which will result in an inconsistent chip shot. When you commence the swing – backswing and downswing – your lower body takes care of the balance.
  • Hence, lesser its movement the more balanced you are. Don’t attempt to shift your body weight in the middle of the swing. Before you begin the backswing, a slight weight transfer onto the leading foot will preempt any such weight shift or body movement during the swing.

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