Golf Tee Shots Explained - Guide For Senior Players 

The golf tee shots are just as important as any of the other shots that you can take from time to time. In fact, every other shot in golf is important. As a player it is necessary that you spend at least some time thinking about the kind of player you are, and the nature of your game play, so that when it’s all said and done, you are able to enjoy a good game without having to worry about anything else.

For senior players, the game still remains the same, but you have to make a few adjustments so that you do not have to play against the risk of getting injured in the process. One of the most common reasons behind injury that players tend to deal with, especially senior players is overexertion. When you push yourself far too hard than your body can handle, you increase the risk of hurting yourself in the process, so you have to be very careful about how you are playing.

The following is a guide on tee shots that will help senior players figure out how they can play better golf without getting hurt in the process:

  • Get alerts from your favorite course
  • Play during off-peak seasons
  • Public courses are a better alternative
  • Find a senior golf package

Get alerts from your favorite course

There is nothing more amazing than teeing off at a course that you love. The fact that you love a given course means that you have probably played here from time to time, and you will be more familiar with it. You therefore do not run the risk of overly exerting yourself on a course that you do not understand.

Play during off-peak seasons

If possible, try and make sure that you are able to play golf during the off-peak seasons. During this time there is very little human traffic on the course, and you will be certain to have a good experience when playing.

Public courses are a better alternative

One of the main reasons why public courses are a good idea is because of the fact that they often tend to offer seniors better discounts than the private ones.

Find a senior golf package

Get in touch with your agents, or even the management of the club, and see if you can get some of the senior golf player packages that are available, especially for vacations.

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