Detailed Golf Game Rules For Those Who Want To Be Professionals

The world of amateur golfers and professional golfers seems to be completely different. The situation is similar in the case of golf rules too. The USGA has a separate set of rules that every golfer needs to follow when playing a tournament. If you’re planning to become a professional golfer then having a thorough knowledge of these laws is a must. In this article, we present some of the must-know golf game rules.

  1. Before you tee off don’t forget to check your bag. Because having more than 14 golf clubs will result in a two-stroke penalty.

  2. Many golfers don’t know how to proceed if the ball falls off the tee. If it happens before the swing, you can place the ball on the tee without penalty. Then again if the ball falls after the swing, then there is no other way, but to play from the place where the ball lies.

  3. Asking or giving advice is a serious offense in tournaments. It can cost you two strokes. There is an exception to this rule. This rule doesn’t bar you from seeking or giving advice to your fellow teammate.

  4. You cannot improve or adjust a lie. Wow, this is a strict rule. Suppose the ball landed at the foot of a tree. You feel there is a shot to be played if a branch or the leaves that are disturbing your swing can be cleared. No, you can’t do that. It’s strictly against the rules to improve or adjust a lie in any manner.

  5. This rule is also pretty hard on the players. Playing from the bunker you can’t clear the path of the ball or any obstacle around it. Furthermore, players are not allowed to ground the club in a bunker. The rulebook allows an exception if the ball lands next to a rake, which is considered as moveable obstruction.

  6. The ball lands and you don’t know where it is? The rulebook gives you 5 minutes to find the ball. The ball will be considered as lost after the end of 5 minutes.

  7. Suppose the ball has landed in a rough. You find a ball but aren’t sure it’s yours. On such occasions, you’re allowed to handle the ball to find out its identity. But, before you take the ball, announce your intention to fellow players or competitors, mark the place where the ball lies, and take to the ball.

  8. Players wanting to become professionals can read about the rules and violations at the USGA website.

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