The Best Links Courses To Play During Your Golf Break In The Algarve

Every other golf player out there has one or two options that they normally consider whenever they are looking for some of the best links courses that they can be able to play on. When you are coming to Algarve, there are quite a number of these courses that you can think about. It is important for you to realize that this is one part of the country that is so blessed with some of the finest courses that you can ever wish for.

In order to help you choose a really good option just in case you are new to Algarve, we will narrow down on a number of choices that you can look into in terms of links courses. Did you know that long before 1966, golf in the Algarve was pretty much an experience that not so many people knew about? In as much as these days Algarve is considered home to some of the finest golf courses that you will ever come across there is so much that lots of guests do not know about the history of this place.

Since you are here to have a really good time let’s take some time and consider some of the best links courses that you would want to consider playing on the next time you are in town:

  • Monte Rei
  • Old Oceanico
  • San Lorenzo
  • Palmares

Monte Rei

This course is located in eastern Algarve, and features really amazing views of Sierra do Lacdeirao Mountains. Therefore you can rest assured that you will have some of the most fantastic views so far.

Old Oceanico

There are a lot of links courses in the country, but not so many of them can live up to the fantasy that this course delivers to the players. It is one of the grand courses that have lived to marvel and impress lots of people all over the place.

San Lorenzo

If you are ever talking about world class courses in Portugal, it is close to impossible to address some of the courses that are available herein without considering the mention of San Lorenzo.


If you come to Algarve and you hear people talking about the jewel in the crown of Algarve, rest assured that they are referring to this amazing golf course. This is not just the jewel of Algarve, but one of the finest courses all over the country.

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