Advice For Beginners Looking For Free Golf Instruction

The best beginners of any sport are those, who choose to learn throughout their careers from any source they can. Golf is a rewarding sport and it gets better when you have your friends and beer on a sunny morning. However, as a beginner, you need to be more conscious about the technique and style of your game. Go through these tips to improve your initial game:


It is very frustrating to be inconsistent in the game of golf. Your fundamentals need to be very precise to be consistent at every shot. You must have hit a perfect shot for at least one hole, and the feeling is definitely great, isn’t it? However, it is difficult to hit a shot like that for all 18 holes. The only reason for inconsistency is poor technique. You must work on your techniques to take first step towards improvement.

Your position of set up

Golf ball is set in a certain position, unlike other sports where the ball is continuously moving. It means that you have ample time to set yourself up for each shot. Even if the set up position is not difficult to achieve, many people commit blunders while doing it. Maybe the issue is quite mundane and obvious; many golfers choose to overlook it. That is why; it is important to keep a check on your position of set up regularly. It is better if you maintain distance from practice range till the time you perfect your position of set up.

The basic elements of a good swing

After you have perfected your set up stance, you can proceed to forming a good golf swing. You cannot call a particular golf swing as perfect since it is a subjective matter. However, there are a few key positions and elements, which you can use to make the golf swing more consistent, efficient, and better in control.

While you practice your swing, it is better to do so in front of a mirror. You can also keep a golf club in your office to have a break from monotony and hone your skills at the same time. Do not shy away from wrong ball flight or any other mistakes.

Short game

You must have heard it from seasoned golfers that short game is the most important part of golf. While you may enjoy hitting a hard drive, which divides the fairway in two, the game that refines the entire sport is putting, chipping, and pitching. These elements of short game get the golf ball close or into the target hole.

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