5 Keys To Carrying Out A Crisp Iron Stroke

Iron shots that fly off from the clubs of pro golfers and that which novice’s hit are vastly different. When the pros strike the ball, it travels like a bullet from the barrel of a gun, whereas the shot others attempt hardly lands the ball anywhere close to the green.

Hitting crisp iron shots is no rocket science – all it takes to master it is better understanding of the fundamentals. Once you pick up the basics, and learn to apply them on the ground, you can stroke iron shots from the rough or fairway like pros.

5 key fundamentals to hit crisp iron shots

  1. With a club placed on the ground parallel to the target, get ready to address the ball. The stance placement club will make sure your feet are properly lined up. Your feet must be shoulder length apart, and the ball at the center of your stance. Though this is just a drill, do what you’ll normally do in a game – grip the club with both your hands and get ready to strike the ball.
  2. Next, to infuse momentum into the stroke, use only the right hand to grip the club (i.e.) remove left hand from the iron, and practice strokes only with the right hand. Don’t hit the ball, you need to first get used to one arm swing. Try your normal swing – complete backswing, straight downswing, and full follow through – with only your right hand. One arm swings are very hard, so practice this drill many times until you’re comfortable and are able to get the backswing and downswing right. Once you gain some control over one arm swing, place the ball in position and strike it. The ball will not travel long, that’s to be expected, but practice till the hits go straight.
  3. Repeat the same drill with your right hand removed and left hand gripping the club. Once you’re confident of one arm swing, use both your hands as you normally do. You’ll find that momentum, accuracy, and contact with the ball have improved noticeably.
  4. To get a perfect swing that’ll generate crisp iron shots, ensure that your hips coil and uncoil fully and the body is above the feet. To achieve it, lean forward so that your rear projects out a little, and keep the knees bent until the ball has been hit.
  5. It’s hard to hit crisp iron strokes with a swing arc that bottoms out behind the ball. To correct the swing, and have an arc that bottoms out in front you need to aim at a spot that’s an inch in front of the ball. Forget the original position and imagine that the ball is at the spot you’ve had mentally marked. Moreover, when hitting the ball make certain that your hands reach the ball ahead of the clubhead.

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