The Most Efficient Way To Beat First-Tee Jitters

Almost every golfer has first-tee jitters in his life. It can be for the very first golf game of his life or for the first tee shot of a day. The first tee shots can often make you nervous and anxious. Do not think that only you feel nervous for your first tee shot. It can happen to any golfer.

First-tee jitters can be due to a lot of reasons. It can be because of uncertainty of the golfing technique, stage fright, anxiety about the result, or any other reason. No matter what might be the reason behind it, you must know how to beat first-tee jitters in the most efficient way.

One single exercise can help you in hitting your best first tee shot ever. When we have first-tee jitters or when we feel nervous before playing a first tee shot, our heart rate quickly speeds up. So, to deal with it, we need to slow it down and bring it under control, which can be done by breathing correctly.

The following breathing process is one of the most efficient ways to beat your first-tee jitters. It must be done 10 minutes before you hit that shot. Get yourself somewhere, whether on the putting green, golf range, or away from the first tee. Clear your head and start with this simple process to slow down your heart rate.

4-7-8 Breathing technique

Ensure that when you sit, your back is straight. Then, put your tongue tip just behind the upper front teeth, against the ridge of the tissue. Keep your tongue there throughout the exercise. Exhale, while keeping your lips slightly pressed, through the mouth near your tongue and follow these steps:

  1. Breathe out while making a whooshing sound.
  2. Shut your mouth and breathe in through your nose, while mentally counting till 4.
  3. Hold your breath till you count 7.
  4. Again, empty your lungs, while making a whooshing sound till a count of 8.

This is only one breath. Repeat this cycle 9 more times to add up to 10 breaths. This must be done once or twice, when you face first-tee jitters. Moreover, while doing this breathing exercise, you must picture your first tee shot and envisage hitting the golf ball so that it goes right down the center.

So, before you start to play your first tee shot, try this breathing technique and notice that the opening tee shot is much easier to play than you thought it to be.

All the best!

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