Golf Instruction: Three Things to Know About the Lag Putt

A lag putt is a type of putt that is much longer than what you’d normally get out of a game. A lag putt occurs when you getting something off that is very long and will not necessarily be done as a means of trying to get in the hole but to at least get you close. This is often done in situations where you are fifty or more feet away from the hole.

The lag putt isn’t something to take lightly. There are three good things about a lag putt that you should think about when getting one ready no matter how far away from the hole you might be as you try it.

  • Keep your lower body under control
  • Keep the speed of your putt under control
  • Keep your shoulders and arms moving just fine

Keep your lower body under control

Don’t move your lower body too much when getting your lag putt ready. Keep your thighs still while keep your shoulders and arms moving back and forth to ensure that your body will stay as stable as possible. This should help you out with keeping yourself comfortable as you make the long putt.

Keep the speed of your putt under control

The speed of a lag putt can make a difference as it can make it easier for you to get the ball hit far enough. You should use a carefully organized wrist grip that you can maintain during the entire duration of the putt. This will allow the putter to move quickly. This makes it easier for your putt to go through just fine. Also, the putt will move at a better speed without the putt being at risk of slowing down.

Keep your shoulders and arms moving just fine

The shoulders and arms have to move with care to make it easier for your putt to move through just fine. Your shoulders and arms should be relaxed and moving with your putter. This should be done in a gentle motion to allow your lag putt to move carefully without any disruption in terms of how fast the putt is going.

These three pointers are great to think about if you want to get a good lag putt going. Be sure you use these ideas so you will have an easier time with getting your putt to work well and to possibly get as close to the pin as possible. Who knows, you might even get that huge putt to go in if you aim it well enough.

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