The Easiest Method To Enhance Your Putting Consistency

There is no doubt which is the most important stroke in a round of golf; in every round almost half of the shots are likely to be putts. Any golfer that can find consistency on the putting green while avoiding three putts is likely to reduce his or her handicap significantly.

The difference that consistent putting will make can be half a dozen shots in a round. All golfers like hitting drives and other long shots that they can see rise into the air. It is far less interesting to spend time on the practice putting refining a consistent routine. Less interesting but almost certainly something that is more likely to improve your golf.

There are putting drills that will certainly help even the highest handicap golfers.

  • Clock drill
  • Coin drill
  • Long putt

Clock drill

The principle is to find a hole on the practice putting green and select a distance that you want to practice. Four feet is a good starting point. If you have 6 balls you can place them around the hole and attempt to hole them all until moving back another foot and repeating the exercise. Realistically you will not be expecting to hole them all from 6 feet or more but getting into the habit of holing all 6 from 4 feet will help you in play on the course. Especially to avoid three putting.

Coin Drill

This exercise can even be done at home and is intended to get you into the habit of sending a putt on the correct line by hitting it over a coin placed only about a foot way. A coin is much smaller than a hole on a putting green so you are actually developing increased accuracy. The more you succeed the more likely you will be to be effective on the putting green.

Long Putt

Avoiding three putting requires accuracy and speed from much more than a few feet. You should use various lengths and imagine the hole is three or four feet in diameter. It is a real bonus if you ever hole from distance but if you can regularly finish within a couple of feet then you will improve quickly.

You must develop a routine, starting with deciding on the line and judging the probable speed because it may be uphill or down. If you can create a smooth swing with a back swing and a follow through, a stable, balanced stance and a clear mind then your handicap should start to fall.

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