Methods To Use To Perform A Perfect Low Fairway Bunker Shot

Anyone can perform the low fairway bunker shot. There are so many players who however tend to struggle with this. It is not a sign that they do not know how to play golf, but it is indeed a sign that they need to put in more effort if they are to get better at the skill over time. Bunker shots are typically some of the most challenging shots that you will ever have to deal with when you are on the course. It is through these shots that you actually get to separate the best players from the rest of the players.

When it comes to bunker shots, one of the most important things that you will realize is that a lot of those who play have a different approach to get over them. In as much as this is true, there is something that you do need to realize also, that these shots are also a matter of mental strength more than anything else.

You should not see these shots as a serious challenge, but look at them as something that you need to overcome and become better with time. The following are some good ideas that you can use to perform the best low fairway bunker shot ever:

  • Setting up
  • Choke down on the club
  • Perfect the swing
  • Focus on the grip

Setting up

The setup is one of the most important parts of your game, which will determine whether you succeed with this shot or not. Bearing this in mind, you will have to keep the ball further ahead in the stance. The importance of this tip is that you will be able to strike the ball with a less descending blow, and a lower chance of digging the ball deeper into the sand.

Choke down on the club

One of the other things that you have to do when playing this ball, is to choke down on the club. Choking down on the club is important because it will help ion lowering the swing arc.

Perfect the swing

You need to deliver a really good swing, which will allow you an awesome experience on the course. Do not force the club to strike the ball, instead allow the sand to carry the ball away.

Focus on the grip

In as far as this shot is concerned, make sure that you hold the club slightly tighter than most of the shots you perform.

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