Five Golf Swing Speed Tips That Will Make You Unbeatable

  1. The dog wags the tail
  2. Speed in your golf swing refers to the speed of your body and the speed of the clubhead. The two are related - the faster you turn your body, the faster the club will travel and the further the ball will go.

    Here is a practice drill for this: take your golf stance (without a club) and cross your arms across your chest. Then practice turning your shoulders faster through the ball.

  3. Hyperclocking
  4. When you practice swinging with a weighted club and then swing with your normal set, it will feel like you are swinging a feather and you will be able to swing faster. You can also get a set of clubs with light clubheads to help you swing faster.

  5. Lazy rhythm = long shots
  6. The better your rhythm, the smoother your swing will be. The smoother your swing, the faster the clubhead will move. People who try to swing fast, lose their rhythm and ironically their swing speed goes down. The rule of the swing is that the harder you swing, the slower the club moves. Hard effort robs your swing of power and speed.

  7. A full release
  8. Release the club completely in the hitting area. In the 80's and 90's, the fashion was for the players to "hold off" the face to keep the clubhead square in the hitting area and hit the ball straight. But if you want a lot of swing speed, you don't want any holding off of the club, you want to release your arms and hands through the hitting zone.

    A note on handspeed: increasing the lag in your swing and lightening your grip on the club will help you snap the wrists more and put more speed into the clubhead.

  9. Tools of the trade
  10. You won't be able to play good golf with inferior equipment. For more swing speed, focus on finding a driver with a flexible the shaft. The more whippy the shaft, the faster your clubhead speed will be.

    One caveat to a flexible shaft is that your accuracy will suffer because the clubhead will be less stable at impact. As with everything, you have to weight up the pros and cons and decide if accuracy or length is the biggest priority for your game at the moment.

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