Where to Practice Golf in Portugal: Suggestions for Amateurs

Golf is a game that requires a lot of practice before you hit the course. If you go to a course without practicing and you have a crowd watching your game, you will most probably get booed by the crowd sitting. You should always practice golf before reaching towards the ground as it will help you get good with your game and you will get more command on the game, Golf. There are different courses you have to experience and different shots that you have to play, so in all the scenarios, you should be well prepared and you should practice in different conditions before you think you are ready for a game against a Pro in the course. All the golf courses do not offer practice courses and you have to find the best courses for practicing. Here are a few courses in Portugal which can be easily reached if you want to practice your game.

Monte Rei Golf and Country Club

Monte Rei Golf course offers the best facilities in the whole country. It has no match and it is the best course if you want to practice golf and get good at it. No one chooses to be Rivals with this course as it is the best. They always provide you with pyramids of high quality golf balls and you can practice with them with the service staff always walking around, in case you need something extra. They have their PGA Professionals who watch over your game while you play and guide you in the best possible way. They offer grass courses and they also examine your swing with a Computer Analysis Software which helps you in getting the right swing.

Oceanico Victoria Golf Course

It covers a total land of around 90 Hectares and is a recently designed course by Arnold Palmer. The facilities it provides are Club House where you can take the guidance of a PGA Trained Golfer, a Golf shop where you can rent a kit or club set, a Driving range where you can test your driving skills and many other things.

Conrad Algarve

Conrad Algarve is another famous spot for practicing Golf and it offers a lot of facilities along with good green golfing ground. The weather conditions are very suitable for golfers as the sun is above the top in this area for more than 300 days every year. It offers PGA Professionals too for training you.

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