How Do You Rent A Villa For A Golf Holiday In Portugal?

Looking to rent a villa for your golf holiday with family or friends in Portugal, but don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Portugal is one of the finest golf destinations in the world, and millions of tourists planning a vacation are in a similar situation as you are. We want to make villa rental easy for you; the steps given below will show you how to secure a perfect golf vacation villa in Portugal.

Look for a villa early

Searching for a villa and at the same time planning other aspects of the golf vacation can be a stressful business. Trying to arrange everything on short notice during a peak season is even more complex. Well, our experience says that searching, analyzing, and booking a villa for rent must begin at least 4-6 months before the trip. We’re not joking; selecting the best villas and availing the best deals can’t be done in a hurry.

  • Decide where in Portugal you want to spend your golf vacation
  • Look for a good agent (online and offline) specializing on vacation accommodation
  • Contact travel agents who offer whole golf vacation package deals

Contact Many, Choose One

Taking time to find villas through multiple sources can help you land a better deal. Talk to your friends and other people like real estate agents, and learn from them various methods of searching for golf vacation accommodation. Also ask others (online and offline) about the golf destination you’re planning to visit. Get a good picture of the variety of villas available in the area you’re planning to visit.

Peruse the contract

At times, golf holiday makers are so happy at finding a good villa they don’t pay much attention to the contract. Never make that mistake, because this written document lists your rights and duties as the renter of the villa. It also lists the things you pay for, such as phone, internet, gas (for the kitchen), utility bills, housekeeping/maintenance, etc. Don’t forget to look for points about extra costs and your liability in the event of any damages.

Don’t blindly agree with everything written in the rent document. You can also negotiate the terms, the rent amount, the deposit you’ve to pay, and even the over staying charge. Insist on seeing the villa before signing the final contract or reserve the right to renegotiate the terms, if on landing you find there is a sea of difference between what was promised and what you’re given. Moreover, it’s a good idea to photograph the villa on the first day to document the already existing damages.

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